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13,000 sq ft Bar / Restaurant downtown Milwaukee. Complete electrical design and install by Brighter Connection Inc

3 phase power

LED lighting

Induction lighting

Practically maintenance-free, induction lighting offers many features that make it an attractive light source and is emerging as one of the newest technologies in lighting.  With a 100,000 hour rated life, these systems seldom need replacing.  Particularly useful in applications where lamp replacement is cumbersome and expensive, as in some outdoor applications and in hard-to-reach areas such as tunnels, airports, public facilities, freezers, and many others.

  • Ultra-Long Life -100,000 hour rated life*, perfect for hard-to-reach applications
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Crisp White Light – choice of color temperatures
  • Outstanding Color Performanceno shift over lamp life, high 80+ color rendering
  • High Reliability – instant hot and cold start-up and re-start
  • Stable Light Output – no variation over a wide range of temperatures and voltage fluctuations
  • High efficacy

Because its light output is not significantly influenced by ambient temperature, the induction lamp can start at very low temperatures, maintaining at least 85% of nominal lumens (see Maximum/Minimum Ambient Temperature chart below).  Induction lighting produces high quality light in a variety of color temperatures.  This makes it useful in a multitude of applications while still offering improved efficiency.  This gives lighting designers more options in their designs.  Relatively insensitive to line voltage fluctuations, its light output remains constant over a wide range of input voltages. The induction lamp is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where durability and long life is certainly a high priority.  As a compact source, the induction lamp can be used in a wide range of fixtures, adding further flexibility for the lighting designer.

Pole lighting

Security lighting

Fire Alarms

Computer Networking

Surveillance Cameras


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